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Who are We?

We are a Yoga and AntiGravity Studio (physical and digital with a 24/7 online presence). We are a team of well-qualified instructors that lead the classes with the heart and the experience of our practice; with the desire of sharing with as many people as possible the goodness and benefits that we have achieved thru perseverance and time.
Zana Yoga is a comfortable space that is created with Adriana Robin´s intention, (sustained and supported by The UniverseJ in the shape of many people), for the practice of Yoga, Antigravity® and Meditation where our main goal is to assist, maintain and support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and balance of everyone that joins our team.




Adriana Robin

Adriana practices Yoga from an early age. She became a Physiotherapist in 1998. In 2004 she was certified as a Yoga teacher completing the physical work part with a spiritual path. She has been active in both activities. Later, she was certified with Christopher Harrison in the Antigravity technique, enriching her practice, she describes it as docile with the body, fun, and very therapeutic. "My greatest satisfaction is sharing these disciplines that have improved and healed my life."

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